Daniel Martinez

Terri Brandley opened our eyes to how important it is to have businesses & communities being mindful of dementia and it's presence in our world 😲🌎


She has a beautiful home base where she is able to teach people about dementia and assisting professionals in obtaining education for various fields. Terri does most of her good works out in the community teaching.


Terri has chosen to utilize all of her years of experience to work with business owners to create spaces safe and helpful to folks with dementia. Continuing to create overall awareness and preparedness for changing community dynamics.


Here are a couple ideas we covered for business owners:

~Helping businesses understand how to help in practical ways such as employees/owners being trained to assist people with dementia by approaching clearly from the front and moving to the side to give safe space.
~having a certification program with a sticker in the window letting people know of the training/education they received.
~Placement of mirrors and flow that effects the experience of some living with dementia.
~Many more ideas and resources are available at www.ltced.org and Terri can be booked there as well.


Ways Terri can help you:
~Providing business consulting, training and education for business owners to create environments fit for our friends with dementia.
~State certified CE(Continued Education) hours for individuals & organizations seeking training/education.
Terri stated that "...more education is important. Are people ready to take the extra steps to show love for our community members with dementia?.." The first step is reaching out to Terri by visiting her website or calling her @ (360) 787-3172

Thanks for hosting another great Collaborative Terri Brandley! We are excited to support you in creating a more caring and educated community as a whole. ❤️🙏

Connie Joy Brester

Brester Dentistry, Camas, WA


Yesterday was awesome! We had the privilege of having Terri Brandley share with our office her passion for caring for, understanding and making the community a better place for those with dementia.


Terri’s heart is to give businesses tips on how to create an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for their clients/patients with dementia. She has created a company called Dementia Business Consulting to help her cause. Please check out the enlightening material on her Facebook page and get in touch with her if you own a business or even if you’re a caregiver or family member of someone with dementia.


There were tips I learned yesterday I wish I had known and understood when I was helping care for my loved ones with dementia!!